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Discrete Event Role Playing Simulation of Small Team Software Engineering Projects




Rogers, Neal

Type of Degree



Computer Science and Software Engineering


A dissertation presented on the simulation of small team software engineering projects. Each individual acts as a team leader for a software project that is scheduled to last from 5 to 52 weeks. A team of four or five ‘software engineers’ is simulated by the system. Metrics obtained from the Personal Software Process (PSP) exercises are included with each team member. Next, task assignments for each team member are entered for each weekly time period. The system then simulates each team member’s activities and presents the results to the team leader. The team leader can modify assignments for the next period and the system continues to simulate all team activity. The system simulates possible problems and defects that a team could face in an actual project. The team leader can use the system to practice team leadership skills and build experience in directing a team to complete a project on time and within budget. The simulator was validated statistically by analyzing simulated results and actual project results.