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Young Female Adults’ Two-Piece Swimsuit Style Choices in Relation to Their Body Shape, Size, and Satisfaction




Beury, Patrice

Type of Degree



Consumer Affairs


The purpose of this study was to investigate the influences of body shape, size, and satisfaction on two-piece swimsuit style purchase choices of young female adults. A questionnaire incorporated a purchase likelihood scale for six top and five bottom styles and participant self-identification of body variables. Data were analyzed for 191 Auburn University students. Results revealed that larger sized participants and those with lower levels of body satisfaction were more likely to purchase swimsuit styles that covered more of the body. The opposite was found for smaller sized participants and those with higher body satisfaction. Findings did not relate whole body shape and buttocks prominence to style purchase likelihood, but did relate bust prominence. Participants may not have correctly identified their body shapes. The study supported literature on the effects of body size and satisfaction, and possible effects of body shape. Findings can help retailers with fit and style guides to aid customers in choosing swimsuit styles. Guides relying on customers choosing body shape may be ineffective. Future study of body shape self-identification is warranted. Guides that provide information for each style or rely on customers to choose body areas with which they are most or least satisfied might be more beneficial in aiding customers in choosing swim styles that are best for them.