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Analysis of Simulated Performance of Integrated Vector Tracking and Navigation Loops for GPS




Hamm, Christopher

Type of Degree



Electrical and Computer Engineering


An alternative GPS signal tracking method that uses an extended Kalman-Bucy filter in place of traditional independent, parallel tracking loops is presented in this thesis. Furthermore, this method is extended into a combined tracking and navigation filter coupled with inertial sensors. This approach significantly reduces filter design complexity and allows for optimal navigation performance in a variety of conditions. Specifically, the proposed method is demonstrated under high dynamic platform motion while experiencing significant levels of jamming. A simulation in a single-axis configuration was used to compare the proposed method to an existing, aided fixed-gain method in order to ascertain the expected level of anti-jam performance as well as immunity to dynamic stress. Results from this simulation indicate a nominal, expected positioning performance improvement of 5 meters with improvements of up to 25 meters in some cases. Additionally, increased jamming immunity of 17 dB J/S was seen in the simulations. A simulation comparing IMU's of differing grades was also run to ascertain the proposed method's dependence upon inertial sensor quality.