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Bridal Gown Shopping in Relation to Body Size, Image and Satisfaction, and Previous Experience and Anticipated Pleasure




Daniels Uertz, Mary

Type of Degree



Consumer Affairs


The purpose of this research was to gain insight into how consumer’s body size, image, and satisfaction with previous apparel shopping experiences relate to views of the bridal gown shopping experience in terms of anticipated pleasure and involvement. It was also of interest to note whether not differences existed between individuals who were considered to be plus size and those who were not. Data was collected from 75 self-identified brides-to-be at a major Southeastern Bridal Exposition via a four page questionnaire. Results indicated that there was a positive relationship body satisfaction, satisfaction with previous apparel shopping experiences and the anticipated pleasure they associated with bridal gown shopping. Participants indicated that they had positive experiences with apparel shopping in the past and had expected the bridal gown shopping experience to be pleasurable. In particular, participant’s previous apparel shopping experiences with dresses was the most significant predictor of anticipated pleasure associated with bridal gown shopping. There were no significant findings in regards to body satisfaction, self-evaluative salience, and anticipated involvement with bridal gown shopping. Multiple factors, including the number of participants, questionnaire format, and the nature of the garment itself could have contributed to these findings. The results of this study are valuable in terms of contribution to the industry, to the existing literature and recommendations for future research endeavors. Further, more personalized research is warranted to understand the motivations and reservations of this consumer segment.