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Knowledge and Practices of Disability Services Providers Who Serve Postsecondary Students with Traumatic Brain Injury




Smith, Laura

Type of Degree



Rehabilitation and Special Education


This study gathered information about disability services providers’ knowledge, experiences, and practices in providing accommodations for postsecondary students with traumatic brain injury (TBI). This study surveyed disability service providers employed in a junior/community college system and one four-year institution in a southeastern state. Results revealed that the population reported adequate experience (one to five years) in the provision of accommodations for students with disabilities; also, they reported similar levels of work experience for students with traumatic brain injury. Participants also reported having received education related to traumatic brain injury derived from both coursework and continuing education. Participants reported higher levels of comfort and competency in meeting with and providing accommodations for students with milder forms of TBI and the lower levels of comfort and competency in meeting with and providing accommodations for students with severe levels of TBI. Participants indicated the need for more information on TBI, secondary effects and co-morbidities, appropriate accommodations, and other topics related to the provision of services and supports for students with TBI. Results suggest that participants are prepared and open-minded professionals: well-educated and experienced providers of accommodations and related services for students with TBI whom they serve. Participants indicated a desire for additional education and training to maintain high professional standards and job performance. Results confirm that expert knowledge, combined with experience developed over time, enable disability services professionals to meet best practices in the provision of accommodations to postsecondary students with TBI.