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Equilibrium Modeling of Coal and Biomass Gasification




Vaughan, Gregory

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Chemical Engineering


This thesis endeavors to add to the field of equilibrium modeling of coal and biomass gasification by utilizing widely available commercial process modeling software (Aspen Plus®) to evaluate the impacts of various system parameters within a gasification system and by providing an evaluation of general techniques that are used in creating equilibrium-based simulations of gasifiers. From the results presented, the following conclusions and recommendations are made. Air-to-fuel ratio should be concurrently varied with any other system parameter when performing a parametric analysis of a gasification system. The carrier gas utilized in dry-feed systems should not be ignored. The correct representation of the form of sulfur in sulfur-bearing feedstocks is important. Additionally, further work is needed in accounting for the heat of formation of various feedstocks in gasification models, and further work is also needed to allow for simple modifications to equilibrium gasification models to represent various technologies (e.g. entrained flow, fluidized bed, etc.) for use in feasibility studies.