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Modeling Factors Influencing Commuter Cycling Routes: A Study of GPS Cycling Records in Auburn, Alabama




Moore, Michael

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil Engineering


As the emphasis placed on cycling as a means of transportation is increasing in the United States, so is the need for adequate facilities that provide cyclists with a comfortable and connected facility. In order for these facilities to be built and encourage community residents to cycle, the city planners and engineers need to understand what type of facilities are appropriate and where they should be placed. This thesis uses data collected using the Strava cycling smartphone application to determine factors that influence route choice. An ordinal logistic regression model was developed in order to determine the influencing factors and the level of influence that they had on a cyclist’s decision of what route to take. Along with the model developed, GIS was utilized in order to perform a qualitative analysis, looking at specific areas and facilities to see what caused them to differ from surrounding facilities. From the analyses it was found that roadway characteristics and surrounding land-use had a significant impact on whether a particular street segment would be used.