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Analysis of Freeway Traffic Operations using Driver Assistive Truck Platooning Technology




Praharaj, Shraddha

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil Engineering


Driver assistive truck platooning (DATP) as an application of cooperative adaptive cruise control is expected to have substantial benefits in the freight industry. This FHWA study looks into the benefits of DATP in the freight industry. To investigate the traffic flow impacts of DATP on freeways, traffic microsimulation models are developed for three segments along I-85 near Auburn, AL in the CORSIM software. Parameter variations of time headway, market penetration, and traffic volume were considered. The results of the simulation were analyzed using the measures of effectiveness of mean speeds and travel time benefits. The statistical significance tests were studied using t- tests, univariate ANOVA, and Tukey’s HSD tests. It was concluded that the traffic stream is most efficient at 100% market penetration, 0.5s headway and at current volumes for the simulation model of a mixed freeway segment. There were no clear trends seen for the basic freeway segment, or for an isolated interchange segment.