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The Role of Media Images on the Psychosocial Experience of Acne




Knoll, Amanda

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Special Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling


Media portrayals of idealized body images have been linked to body image disturbance and reduced satisfaction with appearance. This study sought to determine whether exposure to idealized facial images in the media, particularly those free of acne, resulted in similar negative outcomes. Participants were assigned to one of two groups and shown a series of TV advertisements for acne products. One group viewed advertisements with idealized facial images while the other group viewed advertisements in which all the facial images were removed. There were no significant differences in satisfaction with facial appearance and social appearance anxiety ratings between the groups. Regression analyses identified one variable that may moderate the relationship between exposure to idealized facial images and satisfaction with facial appearance. This study offered empirical support for the modification of two existing scales to assess internalization of cultural messages regarding facial appearance and facial consciousness.