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An Examination of the Influence of Leadership Competencies on School Culture




Lane, Holly

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study examined the relationships between leadership competencies of school principals and school culture. The leadership competencies that are examined in this study include positive disposition, cultivation of a shared belongingness, support of social relationships, focus of vision, enhancing trust and offering and accepting feedback. The school culture was examined through specific behaviors which included professional collaboration, collegial and affiliative relationships, as well as efficacy or self- determination. The study accessed the leadership competencies as reported by school administrators as well as school faculty, the school culture as reported by both administrators and faculty, as well as examine if there is a relationship between school culture and leadership competencies. Two hundred and ninety four secondary teachers and 13 administrators in south Alabama were recruited to participate in the study. Two surveys, the Competency Approach Survey and the Self-Assessment School Culture Triage Survey were used to measure perceptions of leadership competencies and to rate school culture. Analysis of data using Pearson’s Correlation indicated a relationship exist between perceived leadership competencies and school culture. Analysis of data using regression methods indicated that the perception of leadership competencies and school culture ratings were not influenced by gender, age of the participant nor years of experience.