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Developing Single page application with best practices




Wilkhu, Sumeet

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Computer Science and Software Engineering


Browsers have been around since early 1990 and have been used for disseminating information using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Initially, Javascript was used as client side scripting language and its use was limited to data validation and manipulating HTML elements. Over the past decade, browsers have evolved to an extent that native-like applications can be developed using Javascript that resides completely on browsers. The support of browsers with the underlying operating system and with the latest version of Javascript has lead to the development of Javascript frameworks. These frameworks can be used to develop native-like applications known as Single Page Applications (SPAs). The objective of this thesis is to introduce SPAs and how they differ from traditional web applications. The thesis examines different ways to develop an SPA and proposes a way to develop an SPA using best practices.