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Adolescent Perceived Parenting as a Moderator of the Be SAFE Bullying Prevention Program: Examining the Influence of Parenting on Adolescent Program Outcomes




Norton, Jessica

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Human Development and Family Studies


Evaluations of universal bullying prevention programs often find modest effects on adolescent bullying outcomes. It may be advantageous for those in bullying research to test differential effects of program outcomes via moderation. The current evaluation study examines the effects of the Be SAFE bullying prevention program on adolescent bullying attitudes and behaviors, as moderated by adolescent perceived parenting. Findings show that on average adolescents increased in bullying behaviors after participating in the Be SAFE program, and adolescents who perceived their parents to be permissive increased in bullying behaviors at a significantly higher rate. On average, there was no change in adolescent bullying attitudes after the Be SAFE program. There may be effects of perceived authoritarian parenting; however due to limitations this effect cannot be confirmed. Study limitations and recommendations for future research are discussed.