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The Effect of a Text Message-Based Intervention System on Meditation Practice




Bernstein, Ellis

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Special Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling


This study investigated the use of a text message-based intervention system on meditation practice. The study compared an experimental group who utilized a text message-based intervention system that included a perceived accountability partner with a control group who utilized a similar system that did not include the perceived accountability partner. Dependent variables included the recorded number of text messages sent by participants (a proxy for frequency of meditation in the design), measures of mindfulness, and measures of self-efficacy. Pre- and post-test data from 84 participants were analyzed using independent samples t-tests, between-subject analysis of variance (ANOVA), repeated measures ANOVA, and Pearson correlation. Results indicated a significant main effect of condition (i.e., experimental vs. control) on texting behavior, and a non-significant effect of condition on pre- and post-test self-report measures. These results indicate that the use of this text message-based intervention system increased the likelihood that participants would engage in the practice of mindfulness meditation, however this engagement did not lead to differential changes between groups in self-reported mindfulness or feelings of self-efficacy.