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Interactive Versus Non-Interactive Platforms for Teaching Plant Morphology




Brown, Brian

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A study was conducted in the Spring semester at Auburn University involving 46 undergraduate and graduate volunteers. Two learning modules with different formats were developed for the study. Both modules were created to be graphically similar, using the same colors, design, and photographs. One of the modules included interactive content created with Macromedia Flash; the other learning module was created using Macromedia Dreamweaver and was non-interactive or static format. Students were randomly assigned to access either the interactive or non-interactive format. A pretest was administered through Auburn University’s WebCT servers to determine previous knowledge about the subject. The student was then given time to study the learning module, and after studying the module, the student was to log onto WebCT again and complete the posttest and demographics survey. Student mean pretest scores and mean posttest scores showed no significant differences between the interactive and non-interactive learning modules, however, students’ posttest scores on both the interactive and non-interactive modules improved significantly. Students expressed in the comments portion of the evaluation section of the demographic study that the module was beneficial to their learning of the material, making learning plant morphology via computer aided instruction a viable alternative to traditional methods of teaching.