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Pink Lemonade: An Autoethnographic Fantasia




Arnberg, Benjamin

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PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology

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Pink Lemonade provides a campus climate study of queer experience on a rural, Southern campus in the United States. The researcher employs autoethnographic methods under a post- qualitative paradigm to explore the lives of ten men, who self-identify as gay. The study is dual- pronged: 1) the researcher explores the paradigmatic conventions often applied to queer student experience on college campuses and provides a theoretical treatise on the benefits of post-qualitative paradigmatic approaches using autoethnographic methods, and 2) a nuanced and visceral account, through myriad data sources, of how it feels to be a gay/queer college man in the early twenty-first century so that readers can assume a consciousness of gay/queer experience.