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Measuring the Self-Directedness of Computer Science Learners




de Almeida Adelino, Lucas Antonio

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study measured the degree of self-direction of students from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Auburn University. Self-direction was measured through the Personal Responsibility Orientation to Self-Direction in Learning Readiness Scale (PRO-SDLS), a quantitative instrument delivered via an electronic survey. 61 participants completed the survey, with a mean score of 85.88. In addition to measuring PRO-SDLS scores, this study also investigated if there differences in mean PRO-SDLS scores between gender, ethnicity, and age groups, as well as between sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students. No statistically significant difference was found between the groups. These results provide a better picture of self-direction among learners of computer science and software engineering, a field which has not yet been exhaustively researched.