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A Guideline for Children’s Furniture Design to Promote Children’s Development




Cheng, Sijie

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design

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This thesis regards children's furniture as the object of study and is based on children's educational theories to analyze what furniture design elements would have an impact on children’s development and how children’s furniture designers can design furniture to promote children’s development. Children's furniture plays an important role in children’s development. Childhood is the key period of children's personality forming, perceptual training, and cognitive development, and it is the important period of physical growth and children's intelligence development. The parents and society from all walks of life pay more and more attention to children's growth environment. Children's growth environment has a subtle influence on children’s development; children’s furniture as a necessary element for children's growth environment also plays an important role in children’s development. Firstly, children’s furniture is studied to summarize the important elements of children’s furniture design. And child development will be studied to conclude the influence factors of children’s development. And then, child educational theories and approaches will be studied for their requirements on children’s furniture. Secondly, this thesis develops a design guideline for children’s furniture design to promote children’s development. And a 3D model will be made based on the guideline.