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A Case Study: Perceptions of Rural School Principals that Utilized the Transformation Turnaround Model for School Success and Sustainability




LaBaza Tucker, Renee

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


Abstract This qualitative case study identified how rural school principals utilized the transformation turnaround model in conjunction with the eight turnaround principles to promote and sustain academic success within their schools. The transformation turnaround model focuses on the following key strategies: replace the principal and work towards increasing teacher and school leader effectiveness, include comprehensive instructional reforms, increase instructional time, create a community-oriented school, and provide operational flexibility and sustained support for all members of the faculty and staff. The transformation turnaround model is paired with the following eight turnaround principles: school leadership, school climate and culture, family and community engagement, effective use of data, effective use of time, effective staffing practices, effective instruction, and effective curriculum, assessment, and intervention systems. These principles should help promote academic success and sustainability within the school. The eleven participants selected for this study are all rural school principals located in the State of Alabama. Each rural school principal was chosen due to their schools’ participation in the school improvement grant (SIG) for the state. The eleven rural school principals each gave insightful commentary regarding both the transformation turnaround model and the eight turnaround principles assisting in the success factors related to each school. The data, acquired through in-depth electronic video conference interviews with each principal, the statistical data from the state report card and follow-up interview questions for clarity, solidified that the transformation turnaround model and the turnaround principles were effective in providing the positive support necessary for each school’s success.