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Teachers’ Perceptions of ESL Students’ Diversity, Linguistics, and Cultural Needs




Zamani Roodsari, Sedighe

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PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology

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This study investigated equity-based instruction for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (CLD) by examining public school teachers’ perceptions and preparation on diversity and inclusion. Preparing pre-service teachers to improve opportunities for bilinguals and CLD education is still a critical need (Williams et al., 2019). As public schools implement instructional programs for ESLs, teachers should be well prepared to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students. Teacher preparation is essential for both teaching effectiveness and student academic achievement (Boyd et al., 2009). A quantitative research design was used for this study. A CLD Research-Based Practices Survey on public school teachers’ attitudes and perceptions on the inclusion of CLD students in mainstream classrooms was administered to 200 elementary and secondary teachers in ten public schools who had CLD students in their mainstream classrooms. The study was framed based on the five dimensions of diversity, linguistics needs, cultural needs, awareness, and preparation. The study examined literature on teachers’ perceptions, attitudes, self-awareness, preparation, and CLD resources. The analysis of the survey data uncovered information related to the themes of diversity, instructional awareness and practices, resources, support, and access to linguistically and culturally responsive teaching. The major findings of the study included the role of gender, ethnicity, and ESL background on the effectiveness of teacher preparation and their perceptions towards diversity of the students. The study concluded by providing implications for teachers, schools, educators, and policymakers on providing an equity-based educational environment for all the students including the CLD ones.