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An Examination of a One-Stop Career Center A Qualitative Case Study




Fielder, Lena D.

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PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology

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The One-Stop Career Centers are brick and mortar buildings designed to be a haven for individuals seeking to enhance their job and career options. To accomplish this, the One-Stop Centers are the service delivery system designed to function as a comprehensive center that offers career and employment services and be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This study examined how accessible employment programs and services are to adults with disabilities who patronize the One-Stop Career Center to achieve their employment goals. This study also investigated the challenges adults with disabilities faced while visiting the career center and the training and professional development offered to staff members to serve the clients adequately. This study's findings would better understand how accessible the One-Stop Career Center services are to adults with disabilities. The key results for the study were (a) identifying employment programs, services, and strategies accessible at the Career Center, (b) identifying the challenges and accommodations individuals face while visiting the Career Center, (c) understanding the training and professional development offered to professional staff members, and (d) how the Career Center evaluates its programs, services, and customer experience to access full accessibility. The study selected four participants to share their perspectives about accessible employment services and training at the One-Stop Career Center. Finding suggests addressing customers' situational, social, and financial barriers, hiring more employment representatives, employing a full-time interpreter, hiring more individuals with disabilities, and examining the partnership between the One-Stop Career and State of Office of Disability.