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Guidelines for Designing E-sports Themed Cybercafé





Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


Cybercafés are the product of the early days of the Internet era. In today's mobile Internet era, cybercafés have transformed from public Internet sites to video game halls that are closely connected with the E-sports industry. However, the interior design style of most Internet cafes does not correspond to the nature of their entertainment and social venues. Therefore, the author believes that upgrading the interior design of cybercafés to serve its substantial functions to enhance the gaming entertainment experience of Internet cafes is the future trend. This thesis will talk about a method of designing E-sports themed cybercafés. On the premise of ensuring the smooth operation of the basic functions of Internet cafes, it will enhance the combination of virtual and reality between cybercafé and the video games, so that customers can get a better entertainment experience. Chapter 2 will talk about cybercafé and E-sports, and explain the meaning and methods of theming. Chapter 3 will introduce the design guidelines of E-sports themed cybercafés, and the Chapter 4 will use the improvement on specific Internet cafes as the demonstration of the design guidelines.