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Three Studies of Shared Digital Labs: The Role of Trust in Business and Maturity Model Development




Kammerlohr, Valentin

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Systems and Technology


Laboratories (labs) complement theoretical teaching/learning content in STEM subjects to promote understanding with practical knowledge and experience. However, these labs are typically expensive and available only to local user groups, so not every university can offer the same or equivalent labs. In addition, many universities are not well prepared to share labs with other institutions or to use labs from other institutions. Based on information and communication technologies and the concept of the sharing economy, online labs form the basis for digital exchange in networks. In addition to technical and didactical considerations for the use of online labs, organizational considerations for sharing lab are becoming increasingly important. This dissertation addresses organizational problems of sharing digital online labs for STEM subjects. Sharing of online labs is currently insufficient. In fact, many research projects on online labs fail to continue to operate these labs in a way that covers costs after research funding ends. This work covers three studies to promote sustainable use of shared online labs. The three studies address the following issues. (1) A platform business model that promotes sustainability by enabling online lab sharing, with defined success criteria and functional requirements validated through industry comparisons, stakeholder interviews, and surveys. (2) A systems view of trust as a key element for platform business to identify gaps and opportunities for research and practice. (3) A maturity model to determine the effectiveness of digital lab transformation, assessed through expert workshops and expert interviews.