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An Investigation of Psychological Factors Associated with Religious Involvement




Sizelove, Dennis

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Counseling Psychology
Counselor Education
School Psychology


Research suggests that a relationship exists between church attendance and mental health, although the parameters of the relationship are unclear. The present study has focused on the relationship between religious involvement and social interest (belongingness). This relationship was examined in a population comprised of 259 adult members of conservative Christian churches in Northwest Alabama by use of the Spiritual Involvement and Beliefs Scale (SIBS), the Social Interest Scale (SIS), the Hope Scale, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (SES) and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS). The SIBS and SIS were demonstrated to have a strong relationship suggesting that there is a strong relationship between church attendance and mental health as measured, in this case by a sense of belongingness and unity with the broad human community. Therelationships between the SIBS, the SES, and SWLS were less clear as was the relationship of the SIS and the SWLS, highlighting a need for further study regarding these relationships.