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The Perceptions of Alabama High School Principals on the Key Components of Teacher Induction Programs




Yohn, Jason

Type of Degree



Educational Foundations
Leadership and Technology


The teaching profession is both challenging and rewarding. Demands for educational reform have become more prevalent since the turn of the century. There is great concern about the quality of teaching and retaining young professional educators. Induction programs for new teachers are paramount in regard to whether or not new teachers become career educators. School administrators are responsible for hiring the most qualified teachers and then providing them support throughout their individual growth processes. Induction programs vary depending on the needs of the respective school districts and/or individual schools. Individual teacher induction programs are similar in design. vi Engaging in professional development and having a supportive administrative team in place are crucial to the success of new teacher induction programs. Retaining highly qualified teachers is a critical factor in establishing consistent opportunities for students to reach their academic potential in the classroom. School administrators are often faced with alarming statistics regarding the number of teachers that leave the field of education within the first three years. In Alabama, approximately 10 percent of all new teachers left teaching after one year following the 1999–2000 school year (PARCA, 2001). Numerous studies have indicated that 40–50% of new teachers leave teaching within five years (Grissmer & Kirby, 1992, 1997; Hafner & Owings, 1991; Huling-Austin, 1990; Ingersoll, 2000; Ingersoll & Smith, 2003; Kantrowitz & Wingert, 2000). It is extremely important for school leaders to assist local school districts by developing and implementing teacher induction programs. Participation in the induction process will enhance the opportunity for new teachers to survive the period of the time when attrition is most likely to occur. School administrators must work diligently to ensure that students are receiving the best opportunities to reach their full academic potential.