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“Shut Up and Play”: Modifying A Situational Attitude Scale to Detect Negative Perceptions and Prejudice toward Division I Athletes in Academic Settings




Battle, Chelsi

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PhD Dissertation


Special Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling

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The current study aimed to modify and develop a scale that detects prejudice towards athletes and examine if there were differences in participant responses based on race, sport or athletic identity. The study involved 107 participants who completed the modified Prejudice Towards Student-Athletes Scale (PSA), comparative measures and provided demographic information. Results suggest that the developed measure is an effective tool for detecting prejudice towards athletes. The study utilized pseudo-student profiles to prime participants and found significant differences in participant responses based on race of the induvial in the profile. Participants held more positive attitudes toward Black pseudo-students and Black pseudo-student athletes. There was no significant difference between the attitudes toward golf and football pseudo-student athletes. Multiple implications of results are discussed. These findings highlight the need for further research on prejudice in sports and the value of promoting diversity and inclusion in athletic communities.