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From hostile encounters to unforgettable journeys: Unveiling the power of visitor harassment and host sincerity on destination loyalty




Douglas, Shenee

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management

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This research paper examines the relationships among visitor harassment, host sincerity, memorable tourism experiences, destination fascination, and destination loyalty. Using the expectancy-disconfirmation theory, the study investigates their interplay and influence on visitors' perceptions and intentions. Quantitative data was collected from visitors to the Caribbean. The findings indicate that visitor harassment negatively affects destination fascination and memorable tourism experience. However, destination fascination mediates the relationship between visitor harassment and revisit intentions and recommendations. The study found host sincerity crucial in shaping memorable tourism experiences and destination fascination. Travel involvement moderates the mediated relationship between host sincerity and destination fascination, highlighting the importance of visitors' engagement and discernment. These findings have practical implications for destination managers, emphasizing the need to minimize visitor harassment and foster genuine host interactions. The study also highlights avenues for future research in understanding the complex dynamics within the tourism domain.