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Going Postal: A Comparative Analysis of Workplace Mass Shooters as Insider Threats




Babbs, Mikenna

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work


This research analyzes the overlap of behavioral indicators in workplace mass shooters and insider threats. To do so, it addresses four questions on perpetrator disclosure, signs of being in a crisis or under stress, the outcome for the perpetrator, and the victim count. Multiple bivariate regressions and multivariate regression analyzed data on 190 mass shootings from 1966 to 2022. The results showed that workplace mass shooters were more likely to exhibit behavior that aligns with being in a crisis or under stress before the attack. Additionally, workplace mass shooters have lower victim counts than other mass shooters. Workplace mass shooters are more likely to die at the crime scene but less likely to disclose their plans before the attack. This study and its findings emphasize the importance of including workplace mass shooters in the discussion of insider threats, as it will affect training that could save lives.