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Flexible Nonvolatile Cu/CuxO/Ag ReRAM Fabricated Using Ink-Jet Printing Technology




Zou, Simin

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


The design and fabrication of flexible Cu/CuxO/Ag ReRAM devices is presented in this work. We have investigated Cu/CuxO/Ag capacitor-like structure which exhibits bipolar resistive switching behavior under low-range direct current sweep in the temperature range from 255K to 355K. Ink-jet printing technology is used to fabricate the device. The device displays a resistive switching ratio of more than 30 between high resistance state and low resistance state at room temperature. The device displays a resistive switching ratio of more than 20 between HRS and LRS over 100 cycles. Memory states are reproducible and remained over 500 times. The device has the ability to operate well after over 1000 flexes. The good ductility of printed silver and electroplated copper electrodes and simple cross-point structure of the memory cell result in good flexibility and mechanical robustness, which indicates great potential for future flexible memory applications. The physical mechanism of Cu/CuxO/Ag ReRAM is also presented. The temperature-dependent I-V measurement and cell-size dependent test reveal that the bipolar resistive switching behavior is attributed to the formation and rupture of the conducting filament paths in the insulating material. Furthermore, a resistive switching physical model of the device is presented.