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Habitat Associations Among Bats on Redstone Arsenal, Alabama




Gardner, Sara

Type of Degree



Biological Sciences


As forests become more fragmented, more research about use of forests by bats at the landscape level is needed. I employed 2 methods to investigate use of forest by foraging bats; mist-net surveys and ultrasonic-detection surveys. I sampled at a total of 341 sites (248 mist-net sites and 93 ultrasonic-detection sites). I captured 185 bats in mist nets at 82 sites representing 7 species, and I ultrasonically detected bats at 45 sites representing 6 species. This study documented use of Redstone Arsenal as foraging habitat for one endangered species (Myotis grisescens) and two species of highest conservation concern (M. austroriparius and M. septentrionalis). I also compared number of species detected per night using the 2 methods. The ultrasonic-detection method detected more species per night. Unlike other studies, I detected more species overall using mist-net surveys (7 species) than ultrasonic detection (6 species). All species that I recorded using ultrasonic-detection were captured in mist nets.