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Teatro en rebeldía: generador de cultura




Merritt, Maria

Type of Degree



Foreign Language and Literature


This thesis is the product of the observation of a new trend in theatre burgeoning in Latin America, such being the realization of a revolutionary, juvenile (created by students) artist collective which is being forged and perfected to the greatest latitude within the autonomous indigenous communities of Chiapas, Mexico. The local heightened awareness toward these works is due to a sublevation in 1994 and to the collective interest in maintaining the spirit of resistance needed to effect a common change, to the recovery of their memory as an indigenous people, and to reclaim their dignity and identity as a cultural race in Mexico. It is therefore, by means of the production of their Theatre of Rebellion that the experiences of the communities are expounded and translated, thereby inciting the desire to resolve problematic communal issues such as the lack of recognition and respect by the Mexican society at large for their customs and traditions the infringement on their territorial boundaries, their extrusion as human beings and the violation of their basic human rights. In this way, many novel forms of communication develop in the [indigenous] communities in order to facilitate the debate and reflection on the aforementioned problems. Considering all of the aspects indicated above, I designate this type of theater: Theater of Rebellion (teatro en rebeldía).