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Passive microfluidic methods for sampling hormone secretions from primary islets and adipocytes 

Godwin, Leah (2013-07-11)
We have developed an 8-channel passive microfluidic device that is capable of sampling both primary islet and adipocytes. Although there are microdevices already published in the literature; they require bulky external ...

Plasmonic nanomaterials for label-free biosensor towards next-generation point-of-care immunoassay 

He, Jiacheng (2021-11-12)
Cytokines, a broad category of low molecular weight signaling proteins, are key immune modulators for cell-based immune response. An abnormal level of cytokine can lead to acute/chronic inflammation, multiple organ failure, ...

Platinum nanoparticle-polyoxometalate based bimetallic catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell and bipolar electrodeposition based combinatorial material library applied in sensors and energy systems 

Ramaswamy, Rajakumari (2012-05-01)
The first part of chapter 1 summarizes the reports on the improved oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) kinetics on Pt-bimetallic catalysts used in proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). An account on the significance of ...

Rapid Detection and Accurate Discrimination of Microorganisms by Liquid Chromatography, High-Resolution Ion Mobility, and Tandem Mass Spectrometry 

Olajide, Orobola (2024-04-22)
Determining bacterial identity at the strain level is crucial for public health to enable appropriate medical treatment and reduce hospitalization times and antibiotic resistance. To achieve this goal, we have reported the ...

Synthesis and Characterization of Tetra- and Penta-dentate Schiff Base Complexes for Application in Actinide Sensing 

Hardy, Emily E. (2018-07-09)
The advent of the nuclear power era has the potential to provide inexpensive, plentiful electricity with reduced carbon emissions, but these benefits are offset by concerns about the potential environmental effects of a ...

Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Ternary Metal Oxides 

Bredar, Alexandria (2021-04-14)
Metal oxides are an incredibly diverse class of materials that have found significant utility in the development of emerging solar conversion technologies. Their varied electronic properties allow them to function as charge ...

Towards a Bistable Nucleic Acid-Directed Switch for Electrochemical Readout of Proximity Ligation Assays 

Ford, Katarena (2017-01-04)
The work presented in this thesis is focused on the development of a bistable DNA-driven assay formatted for biosensor applications in biological research, medical research, and an approach to point-of-care testing. We ...

Transition from classical methods to new strategies: Mechanistic evaluation of inhibitors against Mycobacterium tuberculosis shikimate kinase 

René Fuanta, Ngolui (2018-07-24)
Tuberculosis (TB) still stands as one of the leading causes of mortality resulting from an infectious agent. In part, this stems from the emergence of multidrug and extensive drug-resistant strains of tubercle bacilli, ...