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Exchange Rate Effects on Excess Demand in the United States for Canadian Oil 

Dickey, James (2011-12-13)
This paper examines a model of excess supply and excess demand for Canadian oil in the United States utilizing an error correction model and time series analysis. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the link, if there ...

The Impact Of Right-To-Work Laws On Interstate Cost Of Living 

Edenfield, Karin (2010-08-09)
The impact of right-to-work laws on cost of living differentials is a highly controversial topic due to its possible political implications. This study seeks to investigate the determinants of geographic cost of living ...

Impact of the Dialysis Industry on Kidney Transplants 

Lawson, Thomas (2009-12-15)
The aim of this paper is to examine the impact of the kidney dialysis industry on the kidney transplants, both cadaveric and living. This particular topic has not been addressed in formal research dealing with the organ ...

The impact of tobacco taxation on cigarette consumption: a case study of France 

Dupont de Rivaltz, Cedric Evenor (2006-12-15)
This thesis investigates the relationship between tobacco taxes and the consumption of cigarettes in France. The goal of this thesis is to determine the impact of the recent successive increases in tobacco taxes on the ...

Income and Price Elasticity: Econometric Model of Paper Product 

Gu, Ting Ting (2012-05-22)
This thesis is about income and price elasticity of paper products. It is a panel data model which combines time-series data and cross-section data. The pooled data are based on twenty-three major forest consumed counties ...

Inflationary Effects of Oil Price Fluctuations in the United States and Canada 

Vick, Christopher (2011-04-18)
The goal of this thesis is to investigate the inflationary effects of shocks in oil prices with a specific interest in commodity currency markets. The model includes a comparison between the United States and Canada. The ...

The Influence of the Currency-Banking Debate on Early Viennese Monetary Theory 

McCaffrey, Matthew (2010-10-05)
This thesis seeks to examine the intellectual heritage of the debate between the Currency School and the Banking School of 19th-century England on three Viennese economists: Rudolf Hilferding, Ludwig von Mises, and Joseph ...

An Intervention Analysis Model Examining the Effects of the Capital Purchase & Targeted Investment Programs on the Stock Prices of U.S. Banking Institutions 

Ruth, Alexander Charles (2012-01-24)
This thesis uses an Intervention Analysis as an econometric procedure to determine what effect, if any, government capital injection had on stock prices. More specifically, we look at the effect that the initiation of the ...

Investigating Health Determinants in OECD Countries: A Random Effects Analysis 

Adams, Jesse (2008-12-15)
In previous literature, there has been contradicting results regarding what indicators serve as determinants of health. This paper re-examines the health production function by using the economic theory of production to ...

Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform: Effects on the Death Rate, a 2004 Cross-Sectional Analysis 

Gibson, James (2009-07-30)
This thesis scrutinizes the effects that tort reform, health expenditures per capita, and the median malpractice payment per state has on the age-adjusted death rate. The data is from 2004 and was collected for each state. ...

Obesity as a Function of the Efficient Allocation of Time and Optimality in Consumption: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination 

Pirouz, Kian (2005-08-15)
The goal of this thesis is to examine the relationship between economic conditions, such as allocative efficiency, utility maximization and time costs, and obesity. A theory is developed and two empirical models tested. ...

Prescription Drug Prices and the United States' Health Care Market, A Cross-Sectional Analysis 

Buder, Iris (2009-11-20)
This thesis is an analysis of the United States health care market and what factors most significantly influence spending habits. The data obtained for this study is from 2004 and was collected for each state through various ...

Terrorism's Effect on Tourism: Developed vs. Developing Countries 

Thompson, Alexi (2008-08-15)
This thesis studies the effect terrorism has on the tourism industry highlighting differences between developed and developing countries.

Third Country Effects of the European Union on the Monetary Model of Exchange Rate News 

Allen, Rachel (2006-05-15)
This thesis investigates third country effects in the monetary model of exchange rate news. The goal of this thesis is to determine whether the country chosen as the third country makes a difference. US variables as the ...

Trade Adjustments to Exchange Rates in Regional Economic Integration: Argentina and Brazil 

Sedano, Fernando (2005-12-15)
Currency devaluation is one of the most commonly used economic policies when a country faces a trade imbalance. By making exports more competitive in world markets and imports more expensive in terms of local currency, ...

The United States Government Provided Insurance, a Time-Series Analysis 

Tsyrenov, Alexey (2012-04-19)
This thesis analyses the United States’ health care market, with particular attention given to the effect of the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid on U.S health care expenditure. Econometric analysis was conducted for ...

Vertical Integration in the Food Manufacturing Industry, 1967-1992 

Diabate, Youssouf (2006-12-15)
This study uses Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), fixed effects, and random effects models to test the relationship between vertical integration and concentration ratios, demand growth, average firm size, and total factor ...