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Client Attachment, Symptom Distress, Marital Adjustment, and Therapeutic Alliance in Couple's Therapy 

Nishida, Jacob (2007-12-15)
The purpose of this thesis was to examine the relationship between client anxiety, avoidance, symptom distress, marital adjustment and the therapeutic alliance in couple’s therapy. Sample for this study was composed of ...

Evaluating the Effects of an Emotions Education Training on the Emotion-Related Beliefs of Preservice Preschool Educators 

Dickerson, Laura (2014-07-09)
Evidence suggests that emotion-related beliefs have important implications for adult interactions with children, which, in turn, influence children’s emotional competence. Among early childhood educators, recommendations ...

The Evaluation of an Emotions Education Training on Early Childhood Preservice Teachers’ Emotion-Related Awareness and Behaviors 

Clark, Kirsten (2014-07-02)
This study examined the effectiveness of an emotions education program (SELF-AWARE) for preservice teachers on their emotional awareness and their emotion-related social behaviors when interacting with children at the ...

An Examination of Collaborative Training Methods among Participants in the Family Child Care Partnerships Program 

Manning, Jessica (2007-12-15)
The purpose of the study was to examine the differences between various forms of collaborative training methods for family child care providers, and to determine which methods were most effective in increasing the use of ...

Examining the Relationship between Work Stress, Emotion Regulation, and Adult-Child Interactions among Family Child Care Providers 

Lorang, Lydia (2013-09-18)
This study examined work-family stress, emotion regulation, and how the combination of these variables affect the quality of adult-child interactions in a sample of family child care providers. I hypothesized that family ...

Links between Peer Relationships in Middle Childhood, Negative Affect and Social Connectedness in Early Adolescence, and BMI in Early Adulthood 

McDaniel, Shannon (Beth) (2014-04-29)
Although it has been well documented that overweight and obese children and adolescents frequently experience difficulties in their peer relationships, significant gaps remain in the understanding of the long-term contributions ...