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A Comparison of Learning Outcomes for Students with Disabilities Taught in Three Dissimilar Classroom Settings: Support Services, Team/Collaborative, and Departmental/Pullout 

Powell, Jackie (2007-05-15)
Learning outcomes for students with mild learning and behavioral disabilities (SWD) are receiving national attention as a result of educational reform focusing on student achievement. This educational reform is the No ...

An Exploratory Factor Analysis Of The Human Behavior Rating Scale 

Woods, Suzanne (2007-08-15)
This paper reviews 27 theories of human behavior. The theories were categorized as arousal, affect, and cognitive; each addressed a certain aspect of human behavior in a discrete manner. Eaves (1993b) proposed an Integrated ...

Rehabilitation Counselors’ Perceptions of Transition Programs, Services, and Practices for Youth with Disabilities 

Dotson, Courtney K. (2015-09-29)
Rehabilitation counselors are oftentimes the only link that students with disabilities, transitioning from school to their post-school desires, have to employment; therefore, rehabilitation counselors’ perceptions of ...

The Sensation Seeker Attention Scale (SSAS): A Measure of Sensation Seeking by Adolescents 

Britton, Warner (2007-12-15)
The purpose of the present study was to construct a Sensation Seeking Attention Scale (SSAS) as a predictive measure of negative sensation seeking by adolescents. Four hundred and thirty-five high school students completed ...

A Study of the Differences Between the Expressive Writing Approach and a Writer's Workshop Approach for Writing Instruction for Secondary School Students with Disabilities 

Conniff, Alexandra (2007-12-15)
A comprehensive review of research of instructional approaches investigated descriptive and intervention writing studies, both short-term and longitudinal, that has been conducted to examine the writing skills of students ...