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Biology and ecology of root-feeding beetles and ophiostomatoid fungi in sandhills longleaf pine stands 

Zanzot, James W. (2009-08-12)
Ophiostomatoid fungi, especially those of the genus Grosmannia Goid. and its Leptographium Lagerb.& Melin anamorphs, are vectored by beetles and have been implicated as factors in decline of loblolly pine (P. taeda L.) and ...

Factors Influencing Microbial Growth and Viability of Wood Duck Eggs 

Walls, Johnathan G. (2011-07-13)
Egg viability in birds declines with increasing length of incubation delay and may be influenced by microbial infection and exposure of eggs to temperatures above physiological zero (>24°C). Reuse of nests is common in ...