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Design and Noise Analysis of Coupled Ring Oscillators 

Wang, Ruixin (2021-11-30)  ETD File Embargoed
This dissertation analyzes the phase noise in standard differential ring oscillator due to various noise sources by using a simple physical model. Employing the open loop noise analysis, the oscillator’s output noise at ...

Digital Phase Accumulation for Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis 

Cali, Joseph (2013-04-23)
This work explores direct digital frequency synthesis (DDFS) theory and design and its application in radar systems. Though there is nothing particularly novel about DDFS in general, recent designs have been revolutionized ...

Integrated EEG Acquisition System for MRI Electromagnetic Environment Applications 

Ren, Tiantong (2015-07-27)
From detail analysis on origins of artifacts which influences EEG signal quality and compared with traditional simultaneous MRI/EEG acquiring system [3], an in-bore MRI electromagnetic environment compatible EEG signal ...