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The Cause Archived: Thomas Owen, the Alabama Archives, and the Shaping of Civil War History and Memory 

Cone, Daniel (2020-07-23)  ETD File Embargoed
Thomas M. Owen's foundation and directorship of the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH), lasting from 1901 until 1920, overlapped with and reinforced the development of a southern, scholarly defense of the ...

Hoeing out the New South: The Material Culture of the Hoe and the Segregation of Progress 

Kline, Ryan (2020-05-04)
In the New South, the hoe became a symbol, utilized by white southerners, that attempted to primitivize blackness and segregate progress before the solidification of the Jim Crow. The historical relationship curated between ...

The Master’s Tools Will Do Just Fine: Booker T. Washington, Racial Capitalism, Immigration, and the Utility of Differentiation 

Wytch, Sedric Jr (2022-06-23)  ETD File Embargoed
Booker T. Washington understood capitalism quite well. It was a system that not only promoted uneven social terrain but depended on such conditions to sustain itself. Washington had an acute grasp on the reality that ...

Movement, Migration, and the Material History of the AIDS Closet 

Miles, Jordan (2019-12-06)  ETD File Embargoed
This thesis explores the choices that people living with HIV and AIDS in the United States made to embody various identity constructions as a strategy for survival. While ‘coming out’ is often seen as a social goal, for ...

'My goal will ever be to make history popular': Peter Brannon's Quest for Alabama History 

Neeley, Graham (2018-04-23)
Peter Alexander Brannon (1882-1967) was a noteworthy figure in Alabama history during the first two-thirds of the twentieth century. Throughout his fifty-year career at the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Brannon ...

On Common Ground: The Relationship Between Negro Home Demonstration and 4-H Clubs and Rural Women’s Community Leadership, 1920-1980 

Williams, Shari (2020-11-20)  ETD File Embargoed
This dissertation examines how rural African-American women and girls in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi developed leadership skills through their participation in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Cooperative ...

A Tricky Chessboard: Albert Rains, New Deal Liberalism, and Southern Progressivism in Alabama 

Haeuser, Erik (2018-11-15)
Alabama during the post-World War II period until the late 1960s was represented by a group of Democratic congressmen that has been described as the most liberal and progressive in the nation. Collectively, they were ...

Voices From the Plains: The Black Legacies of Auburn Alabama 

Puckett, Jerryn (2023-11-28)
This study explores the legacies of African Americans in Auburn Alabama beginning with the city’s founding and ending with desegregation of Auburn’s schools. The first section focuses on slavery, the migration of African ...

When Hiding isn't Enuf: How the Expression of Queerness within Black Feminism Change Over Time? 

McThomas, Zion (2023-04-28)
The relationship of queerness and Black feminism works as an unbalanced scale. Within the transformative era of the 20th century, Lorraine Hansberry, Nina Simone, and Audre Lorde both created and expressed radical Black ...