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Development of a Small-Scale Harvester for Biomass Operations 

Da Rocha, Kleydson Diego (2020-08-14)
The Oil Embargo of 1973-1974 that quadrupled the price of a barrel of oil in a matter of months sparked the discussions of alternative forms of energy; one of the topics that started to be addressed was renewable energies. ...

Evaluation of Clean Chip Residual as an Alternative Substrate for Container-Grown Plants 

Boyer, Cheryl (2008-05-15)
Clean chip residual (CCR), a forestry by-product, could become an important replacement for pine bark in containerized nursery and greenhouse crop production. Rising costs of pine bark (PB) due to reduced production, ...

Extended Working Hours in the Southeastern Logging Industry 

Mitchell, Dana (2008-08-15)
Logging business owners are exploring the ways to reduce equipment costs. Although shift work is common in some other industries, it is not common in the logging industry in the southeastern United States. Implementation ...

Factors that Affect Fuel Consumption and Harvesting Cost 

Kenney, Jonathan (2015-05-13)
Fuel consumption in logging is an important component of harvesting costs. There has been an increased interest in the carbon budget associated with timber harvesting as well as an industrial need for updated fuel consumption ...

Hemicelluloses extraction and nanocellulose addition as a partial replacement for non-renewable adhesives in oriented strand board. 

Hornus, Marina (2019-04-16)
Oriented strand board (OSB) is an engineered wood product used for building wood-based structures (e.g., walls, floors, ceilings, furniture). This composite is manufactured with small pieces of wood (strands) linked together ...

High Tonnage Harvesting and Skidding for Loblolly Pine Energy Plantations 

Jernigan, Matthew (2012-07-31)
The need for alternative and renewable energy sources is evident in the United States to ensure that the nation’s energy appetite is fulfilled. The southeastern United States has a very promising source for this renewable ...

Implementing Residue Chippers On Harvesting Operation for Biomass Recovery 

Aulakh, Jaspreet (2008-05-15)
Three operations that implemented a small residue chipper on their conventional logging operations were studied in 2006. Two of the jobs were thinning operations, the remaining operation conducted clearcuts. All three ...

Optimizing the Use of a John Deere Slash Bundling Unit in a Tree-Length Logging System 

Meadows, Steven Richard, Jr. (2010-05-13)
The purpose of this project was to explore an avenue that could supply a source of readily available energy in Southeastern forested lands. Typical, southern harvesting operations consist of whole tree harvesting in which ...

Woody Biomass Production in the Southeastern United States 

Chasuk, Luke (2022-01-10)
There is an increasing emphasis throughout the United States on renewable sources of energy. The shifting energy economy can create opportunities for loggers to play an important role in the renewable energy market. Loggers ...