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Cellulose Nanomaterial-based Films for Grease-resistance Food Packaging Application 

Rahman, Summia (2023-05-15)
The common uses of plastic for food packaging are advantageous in many cases because of its easy processability, low cost, and excellent resistance to water, oil, and grease penetration. The per- and poly-fluoroalkyl ...

Compaction Susceptibility of Select Alabama Piedmont and Upper Coastal Plain Ultisols 

Lane, Abigail S. (2018-11-15)
The U.N. categorizes soil compaction as the most important type of physical soil degradation because of soil productivity and quality loss. Subsoil compaction causes great concern because it is difficult to remediate, ...

Coppicing Evaluation in the Southeastern U.S. to Determine Harvesting Methods for Bioenergy Production 

Santiago, Rafael (2017-05-01)
Renewable fuels are being tested as an alternative for fossil fuels. Woody biomass is an excellent source of renewable energy in terms of cost-benefit and availability. Short rotation woody crops (SRWC) meet intensive wood ...

Determining the Effect of Felling Method and Season of Year on Coppice Regeneration 

Pegoretti Leite de Souza, Daniel (2015-05-08)
There is increasing interest in plantations with the objective of producing biomass for energy and fuel. These types of plantations are called Short Rotation Woody Crops (SRWC). Popular SRWC species are Eucalypt (Eucalyptus ...

Gluconic and xylonic acid production from lignocellulosic biomass by Gluconobacter oxydans 

Lu, Lu (2013-07-10)
To address the growing concerns over national energy security and climate change, significant amount of efforts have been made for developing sustainable biofuels and chemicals from renewable lignocellulosic biomass. ...

Hazard Exposures for Mechanized Logging Systems in the US South 

Qin, Xuexian (2015-08-19)
Logging is a very dangerous occupation with high injury and fatality rates. The logging industry in the U.S is dynamic and has substantial variability by region. This research focuses on the hazard exposures for mechanized ...

A New Era for Forest Operations in the Southeastern Region of the United States 

Daniel, Marissa "Jo" (2018-12-10)
Forest operations in the southeastern region of the United States has remained relatively unchanged since the inception of conventional mechanized equipment. As new technologies are developed, new operational techniques ...

Whole Tree Transportation Method for Timber Processing Depots 

Lancaster, John (2017-04-20)
The growing demand for alternative energy has led those interested in producing sustainable energy from renewable biomass such as timber to devise new concepts to satisfy those demands. The concept of timber processing ...

Within-tree Fuel Quality of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) 

Loxley, Thomas (2018-01-25)
There is a lack of knowledge in the whole tree’s fuel quality and how that quality might change within the tree or between size classes of trees. A sample set of 20 loblolly pines (5 trees within 4 diameter at breast ...