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Augmenting Traditional Static Analysis With Commonly Available Metadata 

Cook, Devin (2015-01-20)
Developers and security analysts have been using static analysis for a long time to analyze programs for defects and vulnerabilities with some success. Generally a static analysis tool is run on the source code for a given ...

An Automated Rename Refactoring for Go 

Burgula, Venkatesh Reddy (2015-05-12)
Our work focuses on building an automated Rename refactoring for Go. We show that the tool is effective by testing with a suite of 75 manually written unit test cases and running it on 50 large, open source Go projects ...

Discovering Vulnerabilities In The Wild: An Empirical Study 

Fang, Ming (2014-12-11)
There is little or no information available on what actually happens when a software vulnerability is detected. We performed an empirical study on reporters of the three most prominent security vulnerabilities: buffer ...

Energy Profiles of Java Collections Classes 

Hasan, Samir (2016-04-22)
We created detailed profiles of the energy consumed by common operations done on Java List, Map, and Set abstractions. The results show that the alternative data types for these abstractions differ significantly in terms ...

An Extract Function Refactoring for the Go Language 

Gnanaprakasa, Steffi Mariya (2015-07-31)
Refactoring is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal code structure without changing its external behavior. Refactoring is specified as a parameterized program transformation ...

JavaScript: The Used Parts 

Sharath, Gude (2014-05-15)
JavaScript is designed as a scripting language which gained mainstream adoption even without creation of proper formal standard. The success of JavaScript could be attributed to the explosion of the internet and simplicity ...

Static Program Analysis In Presence Of Multiple Configurations 

Behrang, Farnaz (2014-07-11)
C programs make heavy use of the C preprocessor, which makes them highly configurable. C programming IDEs ignore multiple configurations of C preprocessor because of its complexity. However, program analyses and transformations ...

A Survey of Web Vulnerabilities 

Fogel, Benjamin (2015-05-06)
This study tracked the patching characteristics of the top 100,000 sites to three vulnerabilities: the POODLE attack, the POODLE TLS attack, and the FREAK attack. The study also carried out a survey on top server administrators ...