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Design and Properties of Novel Uranium-Containing Layered and Framework Materials 

Shvareva, Tatiana (2006-12-15)
Ten uranyl-containing frameworks and one layered material have been synthesized under hydrothermal conditions. These compounds belong to eight structure types, not previously described. They are constructed from uranyl ...

Electrochemical/Electrospray-Mass Spectrometric Studies of the Oxidation of Iodide and Cyanide at Gold and Platinum Electrodes as well as Gas Phase Multiply-Charged Fullerene C60 Anions. 

Guo, Tan (2005-08-15)
In this dissertation, we introduce a new spherical thin-layer flow cell to interface electrochemistry with electrospray mass spectrometry. The successful applications of the electrochemistry with electrospray mass ...

Studies on Laser Ablation of Polymer Coated Propellant Films 

Dyachenko, Artem (2006-08-15)
In artillery, safety issues make propellants highly preferable as compared to ordinary explosives. However, the same properties that make propellants safer, such as their low shock sensitivities, also make them more difficult ...

Synthesis and Characterization of New Lanthanide Chalcogenides 

Jin, Gengbang (2007-08-15)
A large number of new ternary and quaternary lanthanide chalcogenides have been synthesized through solid-state reactions of corresponding elements with the aid of alkali metal halides and Sb2Q3 (Q = S, Se) fluxes. Molten ...