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The Arbitress of Passion and of Contract: Eliza Haywood and the Legality of Love 

Stuart, Lashea (2006-12-15)
My dissertation is a cultural studies exploration of how the eighteenth-century British author Eliza Haywood legitimizes women’s presence in the legal landscape through illustrations of women’s experiences with contract, ...

Gender on Paper: Gender Performances in American Women's Poetry 1650-Present 

Perry, Katherine (2007-05-15)
Gender on paper is an act; it is performed. Using Judith Butler’s definition of gender as a basis for an analysis of how gender is constructed, I look at the “repeated acts” of particular language usage in poems written ...

'In Some Respects Peculiar': Representations of Citizenship in the British and Anglophone Novel 

Pulling, Sharyn (2008-08-15)
This dissertation analyzes representations of citizenship in five British novels that were written over a period of 260 years. Read together, these novels chart the ways in which citizenship has been coveted, accepted, ...

Indianness and Womanhood: Textualizing the Female American Self 

Rex, Cathy (2008-08-15)
This dissertation focuses on the intricate relationship between Indianness and the formation of a uniquely new identity in the seventeenth, eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries—that of the American woman writer. ...

'Unstable Subjects': Gender and Agency in Caryl Churchill's Cloud 9 

Whitaker, Laura (2007-05-15)
The work of Judith Butler raises important questions about subjectivity, and calls for a reconception of the subject as unstable. This instability is the result of the disruption of the sequence of desire following from ...