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Effective Storytelling in a Fashion-based Crowdfunding Campaign: The Impact of Narrative Temporality, Narrative Appeal, and Mental Simulation on Crowd-funder Engagement 

Kader, Mohammad Shahidul (2022-12-14)
The entrepreneurial world has witnessed a revolutionary shift from conventional seed funding solutions, such as angel investors, venture capitalists, and governmental funds, to crowdfunding. Although crowdfunding platforms ...

What Makes Consumers Engage? The Effects of Mobile Location-Based Advertising (MLBA) Messages on Consumers’ Engagement with a Retailer on a Location-Based Social Commerce Application (LSCA) 

Kader, Mohammad Shahidul (2019-04-18)
The rapid advancement of mobile and internet technology has changed the landscape of mobile marketing revolutionarily. The customization-focused contemporary retail trends have heightened the need for applications of ...