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Impact of Tree Inoculation by Leptographium terebrantis on Soil Microbial Communities in Commercial Loblolly Pine Stand 

Duwadi, Shrijana (2019-04-17)
A variety of abiotic and biotic stressors, including root-feeding bark beetles and pathogenic ophiostomatoid fungi, are associated with root disease of Pinus spp. Our research goal was to analyze if a tree inoculation by ...

Ophiostomatoid Fungal Infection and Insect Diversity in a Mature Loblolly Pine Stand 

Ahl, Jessica (2019-04-16)
Root-feeding beetles and weevils are known vectors of ophiostomatoid fungi, such as Leptographium and Grosmannia, that have been associated with a phenomenon called Southern Pine Decline in the Southeastern United States. ...