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Air-Water Interface Flows in Pipe Emptying 

Dlamini, Malusi (2020-07-15)
Pipe emptying is an important component of water supply operations. Pipes can be drained as a scheduled operation preceding maintenance, flushed for health reasons or they may empty as a result of an accidental break causing ...

Comparison of Vegetation Types for Prevention of Erosion and Shallow Slope Failure Along Roadways 

Asima, Homayra (2022-08-03)
Shallow slope failures due to erosion are common occurrences along roadways in Alabama due to the prevalence of high intensity rainfall in the region. The use of vegetative covers is a reasonable solution to stabilize newly ...

Developing a Practical Tool for Integrating Green Infrastructure into Cost-Effective Stormwater Management Plans 

Ellis, Jackson (2020-07-14)
Urban stormwater management today aims to manage both the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff. Best management practices (BMPs) such as detention basins have long been used to address runoff quantity objectives, and ...

Experimental Investigations on pressure pulses through different porous media 

Nicolaico, Gianlucca (2023-08-16)
Fluid mechanics traditionally and significantly investigate transient flows, which find applications ranging from flows in pipelines to porous media flows linked to water extraction and hydrocarbons. However, the nature ...

Numerical modeling of rapidly varying flow conditions in collection systems 

Pachaly, Robson (2021-11-29)
The design, operation and maintenance of urban water infrastructure depends on the urban runoff flow characteristics. Many modeling tools are being applied for predicting the flow characteristics and their accuracy are ...

The role of intra-watershed processes in improving the understanding of physical processes, hydrologic trends, and restoration measures across the Mobile Bay watershed-AL 

Haas, Henrique (2024-04-30)  ETD File Embargoed
The southeast United States (SE-US) stands out as a global hotspot of aquatic biodiversity, with the Alabama being a beacon within this rich ecosystem. The Mobile Bay-AL, an expansive estuarine system along the Gulf of ...

Streamflow Signature Analysis of Long-Term Effects of Urbanization on Hydrologic Alteration in the Southeastern United States 

McDaniel, Reid (2018-12-19)
Urbanization in the southeastern United States has risen exponentially over the past few decades. This increase causes runoff to have a greater surface flow, a smaller interflow, and sometimes a reduced baseflow by changing ...

Understanding of Road-Bioretention Strip Design and Improvement from Hydraulic Perspective 

Li, Xiaoning (2019-06-17)
This study is to understand and quantify the hydraulic and hydrological performance of road bioretention facilities as well as the basic problems in urban drainage and road bioretention design. An open-source two-dimensional ...

Wetland Accretion Rate Model for Ecosystem Resilience and its Application to Coastal Transportation Infrastructure Along Alabama State Route 180 

Anderson, John Jr. (2024-04-24)  ETD File Embargoed
Fort Morgan Road (SR-180) on Alabama’s Gulf Coast is a vital coastal roadway impacted by severe storms, high groundwater table, and future sea-level rise (SLR). The area surrounding SR-180 supports a variety of ecological ...