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Attributions and Depression Across Cultures 

Siney, Ryan (2005-12-15)
There is evidence that culture and depression can both affect the pattern of explanations that people give for events. To date, research on attributions has considered only culture or depression with respect to attributions, ...

A Cross-cultural comparison of emotional experience: Does culture matter? 

Bhaju, Jeshmin (2006-12-15)
This study explored if and how culture influences the experience of emotion in two distinct groups: Indians and North Americans. Past studies have suggested that differences among persons from different cultures in the ...

Defining Bitterness in the Workplace 

Wynn, Jennifer (2006-08-15)
It is important to study bitterness among workers because the consequences of becoming bitter may be detrimental to both the organization and the individual worker. A questionnaire was developed to measure bitterness which ...

Predicting Objective Measures of Performance 

Chirico, Kristina (2005-08-15)
In todays competitive job market, many organizations use various selection procedures in order to hire the best possible employees. Most selection tools such as structured interviews, mental ability tests, and personality ...

The Psychometric Assessment of Meaning-making: Reactions to Everyday Dilemmas (Red) 

Salter, Robin (2006-12-15)
According to Robert Kegan (1994), many people are essentially “in over their heads” in trying to meet the conceptual and emotional demands of everyday life. In the workplace, this phenomenon may be exacerbated if jobs are ...

Stigma based on race and mental illness: A diagnostic double whammy 

Bhaju, Jeshmin (2008-08-15)
Negative stereotypes of African Americans and individuals with mental illness persist in our society. Discrimination and prejudice are not as overt as in the past, but they continue to exist in subtler forms. The covert ...