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Bottom Soil Quality in Ponds for Culture of Catfish, Freshwater Prawn, and Carp in Thailand 

Wudtisin, Idsariya (2006-05-15)
Bottom soil samples were collected from 42 catfish (Clarias hybrid) ponds, 40 freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) ponds, and 18 carp (Puntius spp.) ponds in Thailand. The ponds ranged from 1 to 30 years in age. ...

Effect of Sodium Nitrate Treatment on Water and Sediment Quality in Laboratory and Pond Studies 

Chainark, Suwanit (2008-12-15)
Sodium nitrate (NaNO3) has been widely used in shrimp aquaculture ponds as a fertilizer, a water quality enhancer and a bottom soil oxidant. This study was conducted to determine whether or not treatment with sodium nitrate ...

Hydromorphology and Plinthite Characterization of Some Alabama Coastal Plain Soils 

Smith, Richard (2007-12-15)
Estimating seasonal high water tables (SHWTs) within soils by the evaluation of redoximorphic features is critical for soil interpretations. Certain redoximorphic features indicate contemporary moisture regimes, while ...

Investigations of Brackish Water Aquaculture in the Blackland Prairie Region of Western Alabama 

Pine, Harvey (2008-12-15)
Three investigations were performed related to brackish water aquaculture in the Blackland Prairie region of western Alabama. Two of these investigations were related to pond fertilization with magnesium fertilizers ...