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Blood Glucose Concentrations Are Not Increased by Chronic IP Glucagon Administration in Leptin-Treated Type 1 Diabetic Rats 

Qi, Yijing (2016-05-05)
The overall objective of this research is to increase our understanding of how central leptin administration normalizes blood glucose concentrations independent of insulin in type 1 diabetic rats. This research may lead ...

Leptin's Potential Interactions with Counter-Regulatory Hormones and Glucocorticoid Receptor Signaling in Type 1 Diabetic Rats 

Qi, Yijing (2019-12-05)  ETD File Embargoed
Diabetes is a global epidemic and the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. One of the characteristics of diabetes is hyperglycemia. Untreated diabetes can lead to ketoacidosis, which may lead to coma or ...