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Chinese American Adolescents' Self-Perceived Identities and Their Language Behaviors 

Zhu, Linxiang (2010-05-12)
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between self-perceived identities of Chinese American adolescents and their language behaviors. The self-perceived identities were measured by the Chinese ...

The Effects of Animation and Cueing in the Acquisition of Spanish Vocabulary 

Villegas, Alvaro (2008-08-15)
According to Paivio’s (1971, 2007) Dual Coding Theory (DCT), cognitive information is stored in two separate systems, the visual and the verbal system. Both are linked through cognitive connections that lead to better ...

Elderspeak: Helpful or Harmful? A Systematic Review of Speech to Elderly Adults 

Lowery, Mary (2013-03-07)
Elderspeak, an over-accommodation used in communicating with older adults, has both verbal and nonverbal features. To many its use suggests a lack of respect toward the older adult. A systematic review of 28 studies was ...

Language acquisition of same-sex, multiple-birth siblings: A nature/nurture study 

Holladay, Linda (2006-12-15)
This retrospective study considers the extent to which nature and nurture influence early first language acquisition. Data sets that address rate of grammatical acquisition, acquisition of regional dialect features, and ...

Phonological Awareness in Mandarin of Chinese and Americans 

Hu, Min (2009-04-17)
Phonological awareness (PA) is the ability to analyze spoken language into its component sounds and to manipulate these smaller units. Literature review related to PA shows that a variety of factor groups play a role in ...

Social and Linguistic Conditioning of the Sociolinguistic Variable (ai) among Textile Mill Workers of Columbus, Georgia, and Southeast Alabama 

Topping, Elizabeth (2010-04-08)
The purpose of this study is to examine the the social and linguistic conditioning as well as the frequency of the sociolinguistic variable (ai) among a group of European-American textile mill workers born in Columbus, ...

The Sounds of Social Change: Phonology and Identity in Elba, Alabama 

Head, Anna (2012-08-02)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether and to what degree integration impacted speakers’ linguistic choices in the community of Elba, Alabama, with respect to three phonological variables: (ai), (oi), and ...

What Do Y'all Think?: A Study of Language Attitudes in the South 

Hasty, James (2006-08-15)
This indirect language attitude study of Southerners’ views of Southern United States English (SUSE) surveyed 90 students (49 female, 41 male) from sections of the second-semester freshman-level composition class at Auburn ...