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Application of the Finite Fourier Series for Smooth Motion Planning of Quadrotors 

Kovryzhenko, Yevhenii (2023-07-26)
Motion planning and control system design are crucial in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for various applications. To maximize the mission performance, trajectory design is often performed to minimize ...

Infinitely Many Optimal Iso-Impulse Trajectories in Two-Body Dynamics 

Saloglu, Keziban (2023-07-27)
Rendezvous maneuvers are designed to match the position and velocity vectors of a target body (e.g., planet, comet, satellite) whereas transfer maneuvers are designed to match the orbital elements of the target body, except ...

Investigation and Mitigation of Vortex Induced Vibration Using a Cyber Physical System 

Nix, John Jr (2023-08-04)  ETD File Embargoed
The Cyber Physical Aeromechanic System (CPAS) is a test bed for fluid-structure interaction studies. The CPAS is a 2nd-order state space system and tests three dynamic systems: a pendulum, vortex-induced vibration (VIV) ...

Mapped Adjoint Control Transformation for Low-Thrust Space Mission Design 

Jawaharlal Ayyanathan, Praveen (2023-07-27)
Spacecraft trajectory optimization is an essential task in space mission design. The propulsion system of the spacecraft can affect the type of trajectories that can be realized by a spacecraft. In the past few decades, ...

Numerical approaches to investigate small bodies’ properties in their structure and surface with case studies 

Kim, Yaeji (2023-04-27)
Asteroids, comets, and Kuiper-belt objects (aka. Small bodies) can tell us essential information to understand their evolutionary history and advance the history of our solar system. Since the currently available data on ...

The Tiger Optimization Software - A Pseudospectral Optimal Control Package 

Sowell, Samuel (2022-11-29)
The fields of trajectory optimization and optimal control are closely connected. Practical trajectory optimization techniques are built on the indirect and direct methods for solving optimal control problems. Indirect ...